Leather glasses case Liten Lykke

Leather glasses case Liten Lykke


Scratches are inconvenient for everyone who wears glasses. Whether it's optical lenses or sunglasses, scratches will not only impair your vision but also degrade the quality of your favourite glasses. An eyewear case to protect them is a very practical accessory. 

There are several brands on the market, but Liten Lykke eyeglass cases are the best and most beautiful. This brand offers a great collection of leather spectacle cases that are as useful as they are trendy. You can now protect your glasses while enhancing your style.


Leather by Liten Lykke


A 100% French brand, Liten Lykke eyewear cases are characterised by a premium look, simple or on the contrary sparkling, which delights the eyes. This premium look is largely due to the quality of the leather used in their manufacture. They are made from carefully selected leather from French bulls. The leather is then treated according to two processes in order to obtain a drummed crust or a crust.


The fuller crust


Fuller's skin is a supple leather with a velvety appearance and very soft to the touch. Made from the lower part of the hide, which is considered less noble, it makes it possible to produce genuine leather products that are more accessible to all budgets.


The crust


Crust is a leather that is particularly suitable for connoisseurs who want to have an "authentic" leather. This particular leather has hardly been treated at all and therefore remains very close to leather in its natural state. The hide has undergone little chemical treatment and therefore easily absorbs all types of dyes and solvents during colouring or fading treatments while retaining a natural appearance. It is therefore the type of leather that offers the most possibilities for customisation.


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Liten Lykke: the eco-friendly glasses case


The Liten Lykke case collection is made from high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials. Leather is a durable material that can be used for a long time and withstand the hazards of daily use, and has the advantage of being biodegradable.

Thus, on the one hand, a leather spectacle case can be sustainable, not being part of a policy of over-consumption and waste of resources. On the other hand, unlike plastic and iron cases, once abandoned by its owner, it can be degraded and does not add to the many non-degradable waste products that contribute to the pollution of our environment.

In keeping with this ecological approach, the brand recycles its leather scraps and uses them to make other accessories such as leather bracelets. You too, once you have purchased the eyewear cases, can follow this path. Because of their durability, you can recycle eyeglass cases that you no longer use by using them as wallets or pen cases.

Liten Lykke is also concerned withsocial integration and uses a worker from a social rehabilitation centre to cut the leather with a press for many of the products in her collection.


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A 100% French case


Liten Lykke is a company with a policy of valuing local craftsmen. All the materials used for the manufacture of the cases (leather, labels, elastics, fabric...) are supplied by local producers. The brand's leather spectacle cases are thus 100% French for responsible consumption, guaranteeing quality, traceability of the materials used and proximity between seller and buyer.

These quality materials are then enhanced by handcrafted work. Only meticulous, entirely handmade work could provide the degree of precision in detail and finish necessary to obtain a quality product suitable for the French market.

The leather, whether it is full-grain or crust, is dyed to give it a sober, chic or more cheerful note. Depending on the dyeing, you can choose between colours colours:

  • Ruby red,
  • Cobalt blue,
  • Onyx black,
  • The orange,
  • Pure caramel,
  • Basalt grey,
  • The clay red,
  • Slate black.

In order to provide a high quality finish, two types of finishing are carried out. On the one hand, there is saddle stitching, which consists of literally sewing the leather with waxed thread for a sophisticated vintage effect. On the other hand, you have the lacing made with waxed cotton or with a more rustic fabric which brings symmetry to your case.

The entire collection is available in two sizes. Large cases for adults and small cases for children. It is important to note that the range is divided into a mixed category and another for women.


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Express your style


If you are not convinced by the models offered on the brand's website, you can order a personalised glasses case. With the help of a configurator, you can choose the material, colours and finishes to get an accessory that suits you perfectly. The configurator will also allow you to see the cost of your selection as you go along.

You will be able to choose between a case for adult or children's glasses and you will be able to choose the type of leather you want, full grain or crust, as well as the colour to be applied to it. For reasons mentioned above, the latter has a wider range of colours.

You will also choose whether to use a saddle or lacing finish and the colour of the material to be used. Remember, however, that lacing with fabric is the only one that offers patterns that will allow you to have a case that really stands out from the crowd. For an adult holster you can choose between the following patterns:

  • Butterfly,
  • Peonies,
  • Besty,
  • Wiltshire,
  • But..,
  • Silver,
  • Copper.

For a child's case, you will have to be satisfied with the following star patterns:

  • Pink Stella,
  • Stella fuschia,
  • Red Stella,
  • Stella violet and
  • Stella blue.

The waxed cotton lacing and the saddle stitching, on the other hand, are made up of solid colours only, but offer many more colour variations.

Finally, you will need to choose the elastic band that will keep your case closed. You can choose between a round, flat glittering or flat chevron elastic. The latter type is only available for adult eyewear cases. You will choose a colour from a myriad of colours available for each type.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to let your creativity run wild and create unique designs that reflect your personality and style. Unique cases that reflect you.

If you are looking for a premium eyewear case with the unique characteristics of handmade workmanship and all the know-how of French leather goods, Liten Lykke products are for you. Moreover, being manufactured in a small workshop in Nancy, you will receive it in the blink of an eye at your doorstep. You will undoubtedly be satisfied by the quality and durability of these cases which will make your little happiness as the name of the brand indicates.

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