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The glasses chain is probably an accessory you've discovered around Grandma's neck. She always has it around her neck because without it - and sometimes with it - she would spend hours looking for her glasses everywhere. The good news is that you can steal them from her. The chain has become trendier than ever. 

Reinvented since 2017 by Le Petit Cordon, this accessory has become the must-have to dress up your glasses or sunglasses. A real jewel in gold or a fun accessory in pearls or shells, it lends itself to all styles and all occasions to make you stand out from the crowd.

Why wear a spectacle chain?


The spectacle chain is a practical accessory that was originally mainly used by people who were in the habit of forgetting their glasses everywhere. Unlike the case, it allowed you to keep your glasses close by without cluttering your hands or pockets. Even today, it continues to fulfil this function but has become so much more.

The spectacle chains have become real jewellery. They are even the first piece of jewellery that anyone who looks at your face will see. You should therefore choose them with particular care so that they reflect your personality. By matching the materials and colours of your chain to your clothes and other accessories, you will look particularly well-groomed.

A gold or silver chain will work well with your suit for a business dinner or a job interview. While more exotic materials such as shells or pearls will allow you to add a touch of colour to your outfit and be the centre of attention when out with friends or on a date with your lover.

If you don't want to attract attention, more discreet models in mesh or pearl in lighter or metallic colours will suit any style of dress and be suitable for everyday wear.

the small eyeglass chain cord

How to choose the right eyewear chain for you


As with any accessory, your eyewear chains must match your style so that you can wear them without any complexes. This is especially true for such an exposed accessory, which will inevitably catch the eye of those you're talking to and influence the image they have of you. Fortunately, there is a lot of choice and, by varying between different materials and colours, you will find the perfect chain for you.

The materials that will make up your spectacle chain are the first objective criterion of choice that you should consider. There is something for every taste and every budget. If you like luxury and can afford it, you can opt for premium materials such as gold, silver and various precious stones. You will then have a real piece of jewellery that is suitable for social occasions.

If your budget is more modest, but you hope to have a refined accessory, you can opt for gold, silver or pearly white or jet black beaded eyeglass chains which will be just as elegant.

To have more cheerful chains, adapted to more convivial situations, public places or to be worn on a daily basis, you can opt for more fancy materials such as :

  • multicoloured beads,
  • wooden beads,
  • beads of atypical shape (square, rectangular...)
  •  shells,
  • tassels,
  • various elements representing different motifs.

The possibilities are almost endless, the main thing is that your glasses chain fits and pleases you.

The spectacle chains are also distinguished by the different colour variations. When opting for gold or silver, the choices are obviously limited. With shells or pearls on the other hand, the variations are unlimited. In addition to the usual colours, you can have chains with more atypical colours composed of turquoise, amethyst or burgundy pearls.

spectacle chains

How to wear your chglasses chain


A real trendy accessory, many fashionistas have reinvented the eyeglass chain and revolutionised the way they are worn. From the advice of these fashionistas, we will remember four ways of wearing the eyeglass chain:

  • the classic port,
  • the jewel port,
  • discreet wearing,
  • collar wear.

The classic port


Classic wear consists of wearing the glasses and the cord as the older generation used to do. The lanyard is attached just before the screw on the frame of your glasses and runs behind your neck to keep your glasses attached to it when you take them off. However, in order to remain trendy, this style will only be suitable for those under 30 years old using stylish chains.

The jewel port


The chain is worn attached close to the face of the glasses and left hanging in front of you like a real necklace. This style will make your eyewear chain stand out and allow those around you to appreciate it as the jewel that it is.

The discreet port


The cord is attached to the end of the arms of your glasses and falls naturally behind your ears giving the effect of long earrings. This discreet style will give you a trendy look suitable for all ages.

The collar port


This style consists of wearing the glasses and their cord around the neck like a trendy necklace. To pull off such an atypical style you will not only need a refined chain, worthy of being considered as a piece of jewellery, but also a sophisticated outfit that will draw attention away from the glasses hanging around your neck.

Le Petit Cordon: the models


glasses chains

Le Petit Cordon has a wide range of eyewear chains to choose from. Whether it is for sunglasses or corrective lenses, you will find the ideal chain to adorn your neck. In order to meet everyone's expectations, their collection collection is based on five categories of chains:

  • silver,
  • golden,
  • in beads,
  • made of wood,
  • of designers.

The silver and gold chains are luxury chains, with a very neat appearance and impeccable finish. Some models are adorned with pearly white or jet black pearls giving the impression of being set with precious stones. There are also more atypical models in this range in the form of large meshes or with decorative elements such as lozenges, Venus flowers, angel feathers or the eye of Horus, which will certainly put you in the spotlight.

The beaded and wooden chain ranges offer more colourful and fun but equally stylish designs. You can brighten up your look with a rainbow of glittering beads or go for a bohemian chic look with a wooden bead cord. You can also fall in love with designer chains with unique designs that are guaranteed to make you stand out.

No matter what you choose, eyeglass chains will allow you to add a touch of elegance to even the simplest of outfits. By varying between different chains, you can vary your look without having to buy several pairs of glasses and jewellery. In addition, when matched with your frame, other adornments and clothing, they will allow you to express your personality and sense of style.

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