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K-Eyes Reading Glasses


Most often, with age, the lens of the eye loses its elasticity and is unable to distinguish close-up objects. This is presbyopia, a vision problem, which can also be caused by the relaxation of the ciliary muscle that ensures changes in the curvature of the lens. This condition can make it difficult for you to perform simple tasks as well as your daily routine.

In this case, magnifying glasses (or reading glasses) are a reliable alternative. But not just any magnifying glasses! K-Eyes magnifying or reading glasses, because of their originality, are the ones that are currently in vogue on the market to help you read, write, or consult a map.

When should I use K-Eyes glasses?


As discussed above, a pair of K-Eyes near vision glasses becomes necessary when you have difficulty seeing at close range. These supplements will improve your acuity to make reading and small jobs at close range easier, without causing the discomfort of eye strain.

There are also several other signs that researchers are about to get their hands on the K-Eyes reading glasses. One of the first signs is the need for bright light before reading. Then, persistent headaches during reading sessions are a sure sign that magnifying glasses are needed. There are other signs that lead to the need for magnifying glasses, such as

  • Presence of halos (kind of luminous circle) when a light source is perceived;
  • When you cross the 45-year barrier.

K-Eyes Reading Glasses


Why K-Eyes magnifying glasses?


The French eyewear brand K-Eyes, created in 2004, stands out from the crowd thanks to its varied offers adapted to all age categories. Thus, it offers magnifying or reading glasses for men and women, as well as sunglasses for babies and children. 

The brand's online shop has quickly established itself on the Internet, with hundreds of thousands of products sold around the world, particularly in Europe, the United States, Africa, Australia, etc. 

K-Eyes owes its success to its ability to develop new collections each year, consisting of sunglasses, neutral glasses and presbyopic glasses. It also offers its customers stylish glasses at affordable prices, suitable for everyone.

Furthermore, K-Eyes magnifying glasses are perfectly useful for those who have never worn glasses before. When it comes to emerging presbyopia, they provide excellent comfort while you consult your ophthalmologist. 

However, it should be noted that K-Eyes magnifying glasses do not correct vision problems. In case of myopia, hyperopia (or astigmatism), it is best to seek the services of an ophthalmologist for a prescription adapted to your situation.


K-Eyes reading glasses are in compliance with European standards


To remain in phase with the standards of quality and safety, the models of magnifying glasses must obey a certain number of criteria. Still called CE marking, the K-Eyes manufactures are in accordance with the standards in force in the European space and proposes you glasses with the following characteristics:

  • Aspherical lenses that are thinner in the centre than conventional lenses with the effect of improving reading comfort and the magnifying effect;
  • Lightweight (or organic) glasses;
  • The frame has a very limited number of screws to avoid unexpected damage;
  • Flexible models: the "Flex" are equipped with a flexible hinge, which makes it possible to adapt it to all the forms of face thus facilitating the installation and the withdrawal without risk of deterioration.

Finally, another integrated feature is the metallic surface treatment of the frames to prevent nickel allergies.


K-Eyes Reading Glasses

K-Eyes magnifying glasses available for all...


K-Eyes brand reading glasses meet the needs of a wide range of customers around the world. And this, thanks to the varied and multiple models that it offers. So, whether you are a man or a woman, there is something for everyone.


Women's magnifying glasses


K-Eyes women's magnifying glasses offer originality and exquisite quality at an affordable price. They are lovingly and meticulously designed to meet the taste and style of all women.

Therefore, a variety of colours, shapes (circular, rectangular) to match any kind of clothing style is available. From retro butterfly frames to timeless round models, you will find K-Eyes magnifying glasses typically in feminine colours.


Magnifying glasses for men


Men will also find models to suit them. For men, they are more than an accessory, because after 40 years, they become a sort of necessity. Quality, modernity and design are all there, and at affordable prices.

The frames are exceptionally elegant, but sometimes classic and timeless, with flexible temples for greater comfort. They are practical, robust and will stay with you for a long time after your purchase. The glasses are equipped with BPA-free acrylic lenses, treated against scratches and dirt.


Children's sunglasses


Children and babies are not left out. Their glasses are the brand's showcase products. Designed to fit children from 0 to 2 years old, the sunglasses for children guarantee optimal protection against UV rays, thanks to its category 3 polarised lenses.  

The ultra-lightweight K-Eyes kids' sunglasses fit any face shape without distorting the temples of youngsters. They are available in a variety of fun and cheerful colours. 100% flexible, the frames are light, flexible and unbreakable to provide children with a comfortable fit. The lenses are made of BPA-free cellulose triacetate.


How to choose the right K-Eyes magnifying glasses?


The choice of a suitable pair of magnifying glasses depends above all on the definition of its diopter. The diopter is a unit of measurement in optics which makes it possible to determine the correction necessary to bring to reading glasses to better see the objects.

In case of presbyopia, the diopter is always positive. K-Eyes magnifying glasses are centred and aspherical with different aesthetic touches is very important. Naturally, this involves a dioptre test and then defining your needs. 


K-Eyes magnifying glasses


Knowing your diopter 


The diopter is a positive number generally between +1 and 3.5. This number increases progressively with the capacity of the lenses. The values are determined for a standard viewing distance of approximately 35 cm between the eyes and the object. 

To determine the diopter, simply download a test and print it out. Then try to read the texts at a distance of about 35 cm. Each text corresponds to a specific diopter, and yours is the one that corresponds to the text you will read without difficulty. Here are some tips we recommend:

  • You can use the old magnifying glasses or those of a relative to carry out your reading test. The corresponding correction can be found on the inside of the temples of the glasses.
  • You can have an ophthalmological consultation.

Finally, a general recommendation made by ophthalmologists is as follows:

  • +1 40 years
  • +1.5 45 years
  • + 2 50 years
  • 2.5 55 years
  • +3 60 years
  • 3.5 65 years

Where to buy K-Eyes magnifying glasses


K-Eyes reading glasses are available in several pharmacies in France. But you can also find them on the brand's online shop.

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