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What are the criteria for choosing a good optician?


With this perfect symbiosis between our generation and "screens", visual problems have become increasingly common. All ages are affected and the need to wear glasses and contact lenses is inevitable. Perhaps you are already aware of the need to wear medical glasses after the examination by your ophthalmologist. 

This absolutely requires going through an optician. So, how do you find the best one and on what basis do you choose him or her so as not to regret any discomfort the next moment? In this file, we give you the infallible keys to find the best optician.


The optician's expertise in guiding you through advice


First and foremost, an optician must be able to examine the ophthalmologist's prescription (see our file on understanding your ophthalmologist's prescription). Then, to be able to carry out eye examinations and finally propose glasses adapted to your needs. He manufactures and sells corrective eyewear, but he is also an advisor who must guide you to solve your vision problems.

Based on these basic principles, the good optician will then be able to put his know-how at your service to listen to you and give you advice. They will also take into account the shape of your face and your daily activities to offer you equipment that is tailored to your needs. 


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Be able to adapt to constraints


Corrective spectacles are medical equipment and health necessities that are provided on the basis of a number of rules. A good optician is a technician who responds precisely and promptly to the requirements of an ophthalmic prescription and takes them into account when designing a pair of spectacles. 

This is why you should not mind if an optician's curiosity is pushed to the limit. If the optician asks if you play more sports, drive long hours, have more fun with the kids or spend too much time in front of the computer, he or she is trying to adapt the frame to your daily routine.

Similarly, they should be able to fit your glasses as well as possible to give you maximum comfort when you wear them. The good optician is also the one who is able to detect if additional services are necessary, then sell them and accompany his customers for the steps of assumption of responsibility if necessary.


Must offer reasonable rates 


The best optician is not one who aims to sell you the most expensive glasses possible; or extra equipment that you may not need to raise your bill. However, neither is he the one who sells his glasses cheaper or makes misleading promotions to lure you.

The price of glasses varies according to your needs and the visual problems to be corrected. It takes into account criteria such as quality and services that must be adapted to your expectations.

Have a sense of aesthetics


Remember that you will be carrying your visual equipment everywhere. It is therefore imperative that it meets a certain number of aesthetic requirements. The right optician will be able to advise you on glasses that fit your eyebrows, your body type and the shape of your face. Several other criteria can come into play, namely: your complexion, the size of your hair or the colour of your eyes. 

In addition, the aesthetic sense of your eyewear specialist is of great importance when choosing the right frames for your glasses. He will be responsible for choosing and ordering the frames before presenting them to you. Thus, some opticians offer rather sober models. But others will offer frames with a design that stands out from the crowd.

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Must have precision and be meticulous


One of the criteria by which you can judge the optician of your choice is his thoroughness, but also and above all the way he approaches the technical aspect of the job. These values are important to him, especially when fitting corrective lenses. 

When measuring, a small error, a difference of a few millimetres is enough to cause discomfort when using your glasses. Don't lose sight of the importance of the frame, which must be made to measure in order to make it easier for you to get rid of them if necessary. Details that need to have the notion of "beauty" before they can be applied.


Must keep abreast of the latest technological innovations


The field of corrective lens design is in constant progress. Engineers, opticians and glassmakers combine their know-how to offer you comfortable, innovative glasses that meet the technological requirements of our time. A good optician is therefore committed to keeping abreast of the various innovations and technological advances adopted for frames and lenses.

Choosing your optician: the status of the optician also plays a role


At the time of writing, there are at least 12,500 optical shops in France. These include :

  • Independent opticians;
  • Network opticians (independent members of a central purchasing group);
  • Opticians of large brands (franchises or branches);
  • Online opticians.

In this wide spectrum of opticians; how to find out who can solve your problem.


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The independent optician


He is able to offer you local services. He has a BTS in opticianry and runs the shop himself. Although his prices are sometimes high, they nevertheless have the advantage of being lower than those charged by the big brands. With the latter, you are sure to benefit from assistance in finding the ideal pair of glasses and from an after-sales service.

The optician in a network (independent member of a central buying group)


Professional eyewear manufacturers have chosen to form a network while retaining the right to be independent. Each optician can therefore conduct his or her commercial policy as closely as possible to his or her target group while benefiting from the support of a collective. The greatest advantage here is that these networked opticians pool their purchases and offer their customers better prices. 

Generally, they provide the best services, and have the expertise to help you choose the right frames for your vision correction. 

The major optical chains


This category of opticians has a higher profile because of their very effective advertising power. It is important to note that these brands have a strong buying power and are in the middle of online service and in-store sales. 

However, the very large customer base does not allow for a personalised service for each individual and after sales.

Online opticians


Internet opticians are the most numerous of all. The sales sites offer relatively low prices, but opinions are that this is not always the right option. They have attractive price plans, but the after-sales service is not always there. (See our comparative file on the best online optical sites)

However, the idea that it is not possible to try on glasses when you decide to buy them online must be deconstructed. Many solutions now exist for remote testing (see our file on how to choose your glasses online). Finally, whether you choose one of these four categories of opticians, the choice must be made according to your needs.

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