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Stockelsdorf's Colibris glasses are designed for wearers with thin, narrow faces all over the world.

Milan, Paris, New York - and of course Berlin. These metropolises are associated with fashion and design. But who thinks of Stockelsdorf when talking about eyewear fashion? At first glance, no one thinks so, but on the doorstep of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, an eyewear manufacturer has established itself within two decades and is developing glasses for people with delicate faces all over the world: Colibris - great glasses for small faces.

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"The idea of creating my own eyewear brand was born in 1998," says Wolfgang Reckzeh. "The impetus came from my wife, who couldn't find glasses that fit her own face. Susanne Reckzeh must have noticed that the current glasses were too wide, too bulky and too coarse for her face and always slipped off her narrow nose. And this despite the fact that she had access to the most modern and fashionable brands of glasses in the world - after all, Wolfgang Reckzeh is the owner of the famous Colibri optical shop in Lübeck's Wahmstraße.


Optician Liana Gräber has a flair for eyewear design and trends.


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The two spectacle wearers, Wolfgang and Susanne, know from experience what makes a pair of spectacles comfortable. They also know the craftsmanship at their fingertips, as they are both passionate opticians. These two elements define the criteria that Colibris de Stockelsdorf has been defending for 20 years. " We make glasses that are suitable for people with a narrow face and are proportioned to fit. In this way, we guarantee outstanding wearing comfort, handcrafted quality and emphasise the personality of the wearer," explains Wolfgang Reckzeh.


Hummingbird glasses adorn the faces of the world


As fashion trends develop in cities and streets around the world, the international trade fairs in Milan, Paris and New York are always a source of inspiration for future novelties. This is where we see what fashion-conscious people want as their favourite facial accessory. A few weeks ago, Susanne and Wolfgang Reckzeh returned from MIDO, one of the most popular international trade fairs for ophthalmic optics, in Milan. Liana Gräber is usually there. The young woman is an optician who has found her passion in eyewear design. She has a feel for upcoming trends and translates them into eyewear frames that are proportioned to fit narrow faces. She focuses on innovative materials, trendy future colours and new shapes. "Beige, purple and khaki are all the rage," says Liana Gräber, looking fascinated at the acetate sheets from Italy that will be used to make the new frames. "Acetate is a fascinating material for making glasses. I can mill it, polish it and create beautiful colour combinations. While the stainless steel and titanium Hummingbirds are produced in Italy in special manufacturing facilities, according to the company's own designs, the acetate eyewear prototypes are pieces from the workshop on Rudolf-Dieselstraße.


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Acetate is a fascinating material for the manufacture of spectacles. Just as a fashion designer falls in love with fabrics and, because of the material, has a new creation as an idea in his head, Liana Gräber also knows how a shimmering plate with its bursts of colour and veins could appear after being worked. The first drawings translate the impressions she brought back from Milan onto paper. The trend is towards striking eyewear with expressive shapes, such as those of Cateye, but also discreet designs that are very much in vogue. Liana Gräber takes fashion trends and interprets them in the Colibris style. Here she pays attention to the golden cut of the face and takes into account the particular proportions of the slender face so that the glasses fit perfectly.


The plates become hummingbirds


The data that the eyewear designer has fed into the computer is milled from the acetate plate. This is done at different levels, with all the roundings and nose pads. Cellulose acetate, which is made from cotton, is a versatile material. It creates glasses that are pleasant to the touch and comfortable to wear. "Heat makes acetate malleable," explains Liana Gräber. "That's why it can be adapted so well to the shape of the face. This applies to the central part of a pair of glasses, but also to the temples, which ensure that the glasses fit perfectly on narrow heads.

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The transformation of the matte spectacle blank into a shiny piece is carried out in a traditional and proven manner: The spectacle frame is placed one after the other in drums equipped with wood particles of different sizes, where they rotate. This allows the still matt acetate to reveal its inner values. It is now clear whether the Colibris designer was right to choose the material for the plates and whether the acetate designers in Italy have achieved a tour de force. Only then does Liana Gräber assemble the temples and the central parts and polish the frame again by hand. There is no visible Colibris logo. "Our customers appreciate the elegant and striking simplicity, the Nordic design of the Colibris and their precision fit. But it's not yet time for mass production, far from it. It takes six months to develop a prototype, as tools and machines, hinges and screws have to be adapted to each new model. A new titanium eyewear collection, in particular, requires a long period of preparation. Colibri employees and customers with different face shapes also have their say. They will test the right piece and give their opinion. Only when the sample has passed all the tests and Wolfgang Reckzeh has given the green light will the prototype go into series production.


Hummingbirds fly around the world


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To convince opticians around the world of the originality of glasses for small faces, trade fairs are the ideal stage. Every year, for example, we go to the Vision Expo East in New York or to Opti, the international trade fair for optics and design in Munich. This is where opticians from all over the world meet. "These large trade fairs are the best opportunity to meet, learn, exchange ideas and collaborate," says Wolfgang Reckzeh. "We can present Colibris as a brand and show that people with narrow faces do not have to give up fashionable eyewear. This idea was well received. The Stockelsdorf brand, with its unique idea, is successful and has established itself as a small, exotic brand among other designer brands. Traders from all over the world order frames for their customers. "When we see people in the street wearing our glasses afterwards, it makes us very proud," says Susanne Reckzeh.


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