La Brique et la Violette

the brick and the violet



Address : Toulouse
Country: France


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Eyewear : Women, Men

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Marine and Romain, two opticians with an overflowing creativity, opened their first eyewear shop in 2012. They create custom-made frames, with their own hands, for the beautiful eyes of their customers. Their first collection, La Brique et la Violette, is the result of years of passion, encounters and experiences.

Our daily work is to create and manufacture frames drawn on the thread, between originality, humour and elegance, inspired by the people, the characters and the colours of our region.

Our production is made on the spot, only to order, without huge stocks that are destined to be lost. Eliminating waste is the basis of a responsible approach. Manufactured means cut, machined, sanded, polished, riveted, filed, adjusted..., not just packed. Several dozen steps are necessary to make a frame.

La Brique and La Violette stand for craftsmanship. Every day, the team members take care of making your frames, in association with their subcontractors in Jura (Carrier SA). All the frames are made of cellulose acetate from MAZUCCHELLi, 100% from their Italian production.

LA BRIQUE ET LA VIOLETTE is an organisation with deeply crafted values. Here, each raw frame is entirely shaped by a single eyewear maker. Far from industrial methods, bringing an object to its finished form, through his know-how, gives all its nobility to our profession. An experienced eye will find the stamp of manual work on our frames. Today, each eyewear maker discreetly signs the glasses he makes with his initials on the spatula of the left temple. Two letters that tell you who made your frame.


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